Putting Tips: How To Be a Pro?

Green is a special stage in golf. You can excellently hit the ball all day, effortlessly sailing through the hardest parts of the game, but if you mess up in putting stage, you’ll walk away disappointed and feeling like a loser.

But don’t get scared about it; you can work your way up to becoming a great putter.

In this post, I’ll take you through some great putting advice as given by Aaron Baddeley, one of the greatest putters in the golf world.

These tips are simple (but powerful) and will give you noticeable results (will make you a putting machine) faster than you can imagine.

Align your face correctly

Before anything else, start by aligning your face properly. By doing this, you’ll aim your putter face where you want to send your ball, and you’ll gain more confidence as you prepare to putt it.

Focus your face straight where you want to send that ball- that’s the art of reading the greens correctly, and it will help you start your putts on the correct line.

Many amateurs tend to ignore this essential step when in the greens stage and still wonder why they keep failing. Don’t be a victim of the same- follow this rule and your probability of successfully putting the ball in a hole rises to 99, 98%!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

To be a master of anything, you’ve to invest a lot of time in practice. This is no different when it comes to putting. Practice for hours. Fail. Keep practicing. In the end, you’ll look back and realize it was worth it.

And as you set out to practice, here are some essential tips I’d like you to put in your mind. They’ll make your practice reward you handsomely:

  • Make a habit of practicing inside10 feet. This allows you to make more putts and as you watch your ball roll in constantly, you’ll feel like a pro putter already, and your confidence will reach the stars, no doubt.
  • How about practicing with only one hand? A brilliant idea! Picture this…if you can putt with only one hand in practice sessions, what would stop you from putting with two hands in all rounds? Using one hand can be a struggle at the beginning, but as you continue practicing, your body and mind will become used to it eventually.

Don’t do it as if your whole life depends on it

Hey, you’re simply trying to put a little white ball into a hole!

In other words, care less!

Let the process take a natural flow and don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by anything.

I know you’re wondering what point I’m trying to put across having said that this is a special stage in golfing. But trust me; if you follow this advice, it will make a change in the way you approach your putts.

Rather than saying…“Man, I must get this ball in that hole” think “Aha, this is just another put I’m about to make.” This helps drop the panic, anxiety, and tension that might ruin your putt success.

Roll (don’t hit) the ball

This is the key to controlling how far your ball goes- rolling it, not hitting it. And to roll your ball, start by taking an open stance, and allow your body weight to slightly lean towards the left as the putter shaft leans toward your target.

Such a stance lets you feel your left hand moving down and out the target line. The forward helps offset the fur degrees loft (usually recommended for putters), thus helping your ball to roll smoothly.

When making a stroke, keep your putter head low to the ground past the impact; the putter will ascend a bit, but AVOID hitting your ball because you’re going to make it hop and you don’t want to imagine the disappointments and frustrations that come with it.

Spot a spot at the back of the hole

This is the tip to follow when making shorter putts.

Simply pick a spot from the paint on your target hole- e.g. a speck of grass- then locate a good trigger to start your stroke. For instance, you can look at your ball after looking at the hole and taking three strokes in your pre-shot routine.

As soon as your eyes get back to your ball, place it back and hit it!

Final Verdict

Putting isn’t hard. But it doesn’t come easily. With the right practice and advice from those who have done countless times, you can become a pro putter.

Put the above putting tips to work and expect dramatic changes in your putts.

  • August 15, 2017
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