Equipment Needed For Golf: Get To Know Them

If you’re just dipping your feet into this world’s favorite sport, your first question would be:

“What equipment do I need to start playing golf?”

Luckily, gold requires you to have only a few gear for you to get started. In this post, I’ll walk you through the essential equipment that you’d need for your golfing.

Basic Golf Equipment:


As per the golf rules, a golf ball should weigh 1.62 ounces and have a minimum diameter of 1.68 inches. There are many golf ball out there, and you should keep in mind several factors when picking the right one for you.

Pay attention to the material used to make the ball as it directly affects its overall characteristics. That is, the harder the ball, the further it travels and the softer the ball, the more control of distance and spin it gives you.


This is undoubtedly an essential requirement for you to play golf. Again, the rules state that you should carry a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag. Most of these club with unique numbering on the lower end section to indicate the loft or angle of each club.

Example: iron 1 means that a club has a remarkably smaller angle or loft and will allow the ball g for longer distances under a lower trajectory. Iron 9 means a higher lift and will hit your ball high in the air.

While still at it, there are three popular types of golf clubs:

1. Woods: feature a big head usually made of wood and are perfect for long shots. They’re numbered clubs, with the lowest numbering referring to the lowest loft and often called a driver.

2. Irons: come with a more flat, metal head. Unlike the woods, these are more accurate and give you more control over spin, distance, and direction of your ball. They also come with loft numbering, but there exist some specialized irons with names like Wedge, Sand Wedge. You can use them for any location or shot on the golf course.

3. Putts: a putter has a flat face and comes handy when you want to roll a golf ball though they’re usually used in putting green, you can also employ them from fringe to roll your ball onto the green.


You’ll also need some good golfing shoes before heading to the golf course. Experts recommend wearing the rubber-cleated shoes for both beginner and experienced players. You can easily find these shoes in the golf specialty stores, pro shops, sporting gear retailers, etc.

Just ensure you buy comfortable, well-fitting golf shoes so that you can easily sail through long rounds in the course.


Did you know that every hole on a golf course has a tee box? And btw, what’s a tee? Well, this is a piece of golf equipment- made from wood or plastic and featuring different lengths- where you’ll need to rest your ball on when making the first swing.

They assume a nail shape and gently balance your golf ball to make it easier for you to make an excellent swing.

Because this gear tends to sink to the ground or break easily, I’d suggest that you arm yourself with a surplus of them to take you through the entire round.

Golf Bag

Now that you’ve purchased all the key golfing equipment I’ve shown you above, the next question is:

How do you conveniently pack all of them and transport them to course?

You get yourself a golf bag. There are numerous choices out there- from the low-cots models with essential features to the more intricate models with intricate designs and plenty of pockets.

TIP: if you’re a beginner, you might consider looking for shops that give you a free bag when you buy a set of clubs from them. This will help you save some bucks.

DID You Know?

Most golf courses have pro shops where you can simply hire all the basics golf equipment. I believe this would be a big relief to players who are just starting and don’t have enough cash to buy their own equipment.

However, if you’re serious about golf and want to play it frequently, I’d advise you to invest in your own equipment for more convenience.

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